Thursday, September 13, 2012

[cover your] toes thursday

Thursday, September 13, 2012

i love shoes, but i also love not wearing shoes [i'm a walking contradiction] – my toes crave freedom. [freeeeeeedoommmmm!] this usually leads me to wear flip flops or open-toe shoes or walk around barefoot [only inside and probably to the chagrin of my entire office] as soon as it’s warm enough in the spring and as late into the fall as i can. until this fall when i found these bad boys.

[don't mind me, i'm just taking pictures of my feet. in a parking lot. don't act like you never do that]

how cute are these grey suede booties? [scored during a trip to shop-filled atlantic station in hotlanta over labor day] i kept seeing similar [and probably way more expensive] versions that look so great on celebs like rosie huntingdon-whiteley [uh, she’d probably look great in a burlap sack wearing buckets on her feet] but couldn’t find a cute, comfortable, inexpensive version i could test out, until now! these grey babies are from coconuts and purchased in the sale section at dsw, under $40 [how excited do you get when you find the perfect shoes you’re looking for, in your size, on sale? it’s glorious]! i styled them yesterday with a [old gift from my mama-bear] floral shirt dress from kohl’s elle clothing line [a similar one can be found at target's kirna zarbete line... i, ahem, may or may not already own it] and as you may be able to tell, white ankle socks [you know you like that], but the other day at birthday dinner, they also looked pretty rockin’ with my joe’s skinny jeans [if you don’t have a pair of joe’s jeans I highly suggest you go get yourself some. they fit fantastic AND there’s an outlet at the philadelphia premium outlets]. i forgot to take pictures of the skinny jeans/grey booties look but i have a sneaking suspicion [ok, i know for a fact] that you’ll be seeing me wear them a lot [a lot, a lot] now that it’s starting to feel more like fall.

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  1. Great deals everywhere!! I love DSW! :) I can't go in without leaving with a pair of shoes.... -_- haha...

    xo - Sheila


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