Friday, September 14, 2012

fall fridays

Friday, September 14, 2012

isn’t there something about friday that just makes you happy [well, for all of us nine to fivers, anyway]? 

and what’s more, it’s starting to really feel like fall with cooler weather setting in. i love the chilly mornings and keeping the windows down in my car/open at home and needing a sweatshirt to walk beau in the evenings. 

you know what else i love? this stuff:

 [pho with beefballs… not meatballs, beefballs]

[origami cranes]

[fuzzy slap bracelets circa 1995, mine's obnoxiously pink, of course]

[that my dog matches my couch]

Large Sterling Silver Monogram Necklace. $190.00, via Etsy.
[monogram necklaces – and that i’m getting one from my awesome sister]

[this view from the perfect seats at pnc park in pgh. does hubby pick great seats or what?]

[that all beer/liquor places in georgia are called package stores. and this is jack’s package]

AE Knit Sweater

Joie Day Dreaming Smoking Flats

[this watch from charming charlie’s that I’m obsessed with... worn with this sweet bracelet]

[my new hat, thanks target]

happy friday indeed!


  1. thanks for including our monogram necklace!

  2. of course, all of your items are so fabulous!

  3. I wonder where you got those SNAZZY slap bracelets!


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