Friday, September 28, 2012

fitness friday

Friday, September 28, 2012
[whenever i hear/read the word fitness, the fergie line from fergalicious pops into my head "i be up in the gym just workin' on my fitness". anyone else? just me? ok then... let's just move on...

[showing off my muscles - target top & shorts (old), nike sneakers]

i don't like the idea of working out, i don't like actually doing it, but i love how i feel afterwards [and the obvious body image benefits]. with that said, i've worked out ever since high-school where i ran indoor and outdoor track [and one insane year played field hockey. for those of you who don't know, that's pretty much year round], and starting my senior year, also went to the gym and did the usual elliptical/bike/weights/[watching the muscle-y boys] to keep in shape and pretty much kept up with the gym deal since then.

a little over 3 years ago, however, my girlfriends invited me to a yoga class. i was a little hesitant [at that point i couldn't touch my toes] but jumped at the chance to get to see these lovely ladies more than just once a month, and let me tell ya' after that first month when i started seeing a change in my body, i was hooked. 

when i needed to get in shape for my wedding earlier this year [i had been slacking off aka working full time, getting my graduate degree part-time, and planning a wedding... such a slacker, right?] i stepped up my game and went to my hot [105 degrees!] yoga class 3 times a week for the 4 months leading up to the wedding [the meditation portion is also why i didn't lose my mind]. i looked pretty damn good in my wedding dress, if you ask me [no modesty here, we're supposed to feel like a million bucks on our wedding day and i did!].

[proof. and i've clearly not changed my go-to pose since]

fitness and what you do to get fit is different for everyone, and i'm not going to preach yoga as the end-all be-all, but it works for me [with the added benefit of calming me down]. so if you're ever asked to try a new fitness routine, give it a shot, it might be perfect for you! [and i can totally touch my toes now!]

[sweet drawing in my yoga studio]

[my sister and me doing yoga at the top of stone mountain in georgia]

my yoga instructor ends all of his classes with the following [paraphrased]:

"let go of all your worries 
and fill yourself up with love and compassion, 
take that with you,
and be grateful for everything you have."

happy friday everyone! om.

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  1. Yes you do look like a million bucks :)
    and you are inspiring me to take up yoga, I have been checking out yoga classes nearby but was procrastinating :( ...
    Btw the sweet drawing in your yoga studio is of Hindu Lord "Ganesha" .... He is considered our Lord of success, and we worship him before starting anything New.
    Just don't go on his figure , he is considered a Big foodie :D

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