Friday, September 21, 2012

fragrance friday

Friday, September 21, 2012
have you ever walked into a room [or let’s say a ladies bathroom in a particular office building… ahem] and basically get hit [HIT!] in the face with someone’s sickeningly sweet, overbearing perfume? isn’t that the absolute worst?

i’m pretty particular about smells. specifically perfumes. i can handle a little bad smell [you don’t go to a college where the air smells like chocolate one day, manure the second, and a mix of the two the third, and not build up a little tolerance], but spray some sweet smelling something into the air and i’m a-complaining left and right.  

when my mom started letting me wear perfume, i never liked anything she had [sorry mama] and would gravitate to those lighter bath & body sprays [cucumber melon, anyone?] until i couldn’t stand those either. if i had it my way, i would just rub myself with yankee candle's clean cotton car air fresheners all over myself and call it a day, but alas that would probably be weird [like that's stopped me before...]. so instead, over the years i’ve discovered that the fragrances i could handle best were those with hints of citrus. my favorite [and one i’m currently using] is sugar from fresh [i know i just said i didn’t like sweet smells, but hear me out]. sephora [dear, dear sephora that takes all my money] describes fresh's sugar as “a vibrant fragrance incorporates sparkling citrus notes with delicately sweet heart and lingering warm base notes”, and i say it smells fabulous - light, but lingers on your wrist/clothing without being overbearing [and i don't have to use the words "car air freshener" and "rubbed all over myself" when answering "what perfume are you wearing"].

Fresh - Sugar

what’s your favorite fragrance?

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  1. I remember how much we loved our Bath & Body Works sprays back in middle school :). These days, I'm a huge fan of D&G Light Blue. It's classic, not offensive (to most), and it has a nice citrusy smell that's not at all sweet. Also, it tends to smell dramatically different on everyone, so it's still a scent that can really become your own for everyday use.


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