Monday, September 17, 2012

monday musings

Monday, September 17, 2012
have you ever seen those really ridiculous, over the top, fabulous hats women wear to the kentucky derby? or crazy ones royals wear? something like these:


[i have a point somewhere around here... oh yes] well, it got me thinking the other day that if i had to name a "superpower" i had, it would be...[drumroll please]...

[exhibits a-d: me in various hats! clockwise: target, northfacecolumbia - (similar), target] ability to look good in hats [don't laugh, it could come in handy one day]. seriously, any hat [see exhibits a through d above... even that giant fishing one].

it's actually a pretty useful "superpower" in these times of really adorable fedoras, wool floppies, beanies, etc.  so, adorning yourself with a crazy one to go to the kentucky derby [and i think i need to make an appearance sooner rather than later] or just throwing on a baseball cap to hide some unwashed locks? hats off [or uh, i guess on] to you!

if you had to name a current "superpower" of yours, what would it be?

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