Monday, September 24, 2012

monday musings

Monday, September 24, 2012

while rifling through my ginormous purse [there’ll be a whole segment on purses later, don’t you fret] on saturday, i came across a livingsocial [isn’t it awesome?] voucher i purchased a month ago for a blow-out and decided that that was the day i would redeem it.  here’s the result [the following glamour shots courtesy of hubby]:

let me tell you a few things about blow-outs:

first off, ladies, how great does your hair look post blow-out? in a ½ hour you could leave having had your hair washed [which by itself is worth every single penny. if i could have someone wash my hair every day well… let’s just say that if i ever strike it rich i will have a live in hair washer whose sole purpose it is to wash my hair… but enough about that…] and blown dry better than you could ever do.

second, has anyone ever actually mastered doing their own perfect blow-out? if you answer yes to this question, I hate you, just a little [ok, I technically know just one such individual, but her hair defies explanation – it’s just perfection, you know who you are, blondie].

and third, for just $30-$35, it’s actually pretty affordable [especially on a random saturday, just because you have a voucher that makes it $17].

these three [very important] points bring me to just one conclusion… blow-outs every day!! [or maybe once a month].

in case you want to try it out [and i highly recommend that you do], here are two places that do it – but search your city, they’re popping up all over the place:

i promise you’ll be blown away! [please tell me someone else is laughing at that as much as i am.]


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