Friday, September 14, 2012

oh and one more thing

Friday, September 14, 2012

another thing i love about fall is switching my nail polishes to something darker. I tend to wear lighter shades in the spring/summer and switch to darker shades as soon as the weather turns [like probably everyone else. -crickets- no?]. i prefer opi & essie polishes because they last the longest, and opi has a sweet [and newly expanded] gel line [and don’t you just love opi colors’ names? i love puns! especially on my nails]. 

i think i’m craving one these for my switch-a-roo:

[opi: black cherry chutney] 

 [opi: i brake for manicures]   

  [essie: masquerade belle]

apparently, purple's the way to go. 

what are you wearing on your nails for fall? [guys' smart-ass answers also accepted]


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