Tuesday, September 18, 2012

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ever since i got my license [over 10 years ago] i’ve always adored driving, especially by myself. now, i’m like everyone else in my hatred for traffic jams, road closures, and people who actually do the speed limit, but when you get an open road, it just feels good, doesn’t it? 

there’s this particular road i take from my parents’ house to our place that i absolutely adore. it’s  lined with fields and trees, winds in and out, and never fails to elicit a feeling of recklessness in me as i take it a little faster [ok, a lot faster] than the posted speed limit. early days in the spring or fall when the sun sets on the fields and there’s a crisp in the air and my windows are down and i’m just flying around the curves, everything just seems so… right.

 [let's pretend i didn't take those while driving]

… and then i catch up to the idiot doing the speed limit in front of me and am forced back to reality. [could be a pretty good allegory to life as well, no?]

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