Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

i love sweatpants. actually, i’m not sure of anyone who doesn’t love sweatpants. heck, even victoria beckham loves sweatpants!

[i give you proof!]

so it's settled, sweatpants are awesome. unfortunately, if paired with the wrong items [aka a hooded sweatshirt and uggs a la my college days] you usually end up looking like you don’t care [and like a hobo]. i’ve since retired my college-era sweatpant-style, but still want to be comfy as the weather gets cooler.  here’s my new take on sweatpants, worn as i ran errands over the weekend.

[clu for gap sweatpants, j.crew favorite tank in white, h&m denim shirt, forever 21 fedora - similar, forever 21 sunglasses - similar]

[i'm still trying to figure out this posing thing - any tips? other than "don't look stupid"?]

 [right before i threw the hat at hubby for getting lippy]

[report smoking slippers from last year - similar]

what's your sweatpant style?

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  1. this is a very clever post (: you've definitely made them look more sophisticated as opposed to 'hobo'!
    I love wearing mine with ankle boots, a v neck jumper and a denim jacket. i don't know why, it sounds hideous, but it actually looks pretty good!

    http://sarablahblah.blogspot.co.uk x

    1. thanks sara - i love jumpers about as much as i love sweatpants, so your outfit sounds great!


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