Tuesday, September 11, 2012

twenty-seven tuesdays

Tuesday, September 11, 2012
[top of Stone Mountain, Georgia]

i had a dream last night that hubby [who doesn’t pick out presents without guidance], all proud of himself,  gave me a choice between a pair of tory burch hiking shoes [do those even exist?] and a weird combination of wellies/snow boots [where do i come up with this stuff?] for my birthday present. i could only pick one [one!], not a concept i understand when it comes to shoes. 

happy birthday to me? why yes, yes it is. let me tell you why:

anyone who know me knows that birthdays are my favorite. so while this year mine falls on a tuesday [really, birthdays on tuesdays?] and i had to work [another no-no in my book],  it’s an absolutely gorgeous day, hubby brought me breakfast in bed,  i got to have lunch with mama-bear, my phone hasn't stopped pinging with birthday messages [i love you all!!], and i’m meeting up with my very best friends from my home town for dinner – i’m on cloud 9. 

[...and if my dream comes true, i may be getting me some shoes. even if it's only one pair!]

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