Wednesday, September 26, 2012

wear it wednesday

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

continuing with our [and by our, i mean my] fall trends feature, this week’s trend is peplum [fyi: blogger's spell-check keeps wanting to change this to "plummer"].

what the heck is peplum? encarta's dictionary [and the rest of the fashion world] describes it as “a short flared ruffle attached to the waist of a jacket or blouse” [and technically can include the top of the skirt/middle of a dress too]. 

when i first heard about the peplum my instinct was, “seriously? you want me to add something below my waist that draws attention to my hips? are you crazy?” [also i’m pretty sure i thought, “well that’s a funny name for something… pep-lum, peppppp-lummmmm”]. but it won me over when i saw this little leather number:

Tinley Road Vegan Leather Peplum Top | Piperlime

[her thighs look pretty skinny-minny right?] realizing that i was bitten by the peplum [pepppppp-lummmmmm, yup, still doing it] bug, i decided to test out a slightly more versatile piece that i could take from work to play [because i, sadly, don’t think i should show up in leather anything at my office].

for work, i paired it with a grey pencil skirt, some black patent pumps, and my green cloth motorcycle jacket [because it’s been chilly in the mornings and i can].

[h&m peplum top - similar, loft pencil skirt (old), nine west black patent pumps, michael kors rose gold hoops]

[ann taylor army green cloth motorcycle jacket (old) - similar]

 [me posing like an idiot]

 [and one more full shot for good measure. let the peplum sink in, people]

[oh hey, a little close up]

and for play, this top also doubles as a part of an awesome date night outfit [and yes, i'm shiny, get over it]:

 [h&m peplum top - similar, joe's the skinny jeans in black, vera wang slouchy boots, turquoise earrings found in a georgetown boutique - similar]

i'm sure there are more fun ways to wear peplum and i plan on exploring a few more options [and will probably be purchasing that vegan leather beauty]. how would you wear it?

up next week [to keep you on the edge of your seats] - blanket coats! [well, blanket sweater in my case - same thing, right?]


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