Wednesday, September 12, 2012

white wednesdays

Wednesday, September 12, 2012
[you can still buy them here]

[james perse casual white tee]

let’s get into a little bit about my style. and to begin, we invariably have to talk about my obsession with white [in all of its glorious shades]. there is no denying that i love that color [or absence of color].  

when i was in grade school [and ok fine, into middle school], the only shoes i would wear were white keds [remember those?].  i would wear out one pair and immediately start on a new one [yeah, I was pretty cool]. as i graduated to high school and college, my style graduated as well – into white t-shirts [i can hear your shocked gasps now]! where before my white keds were the one thing i thought went with everything [they didn’t], now my white t-shirts, tank tops [and all other white tops of any kind] made up my outfits [stylish, I know].  since graduating college [ahem, over six years ago], i’ve experimented to try to find something other than white – trying black, red, green, neon, prints [with which I’m currently obsessed], but i always end up gravitating to something white [or off-white, or ivory, or … well you get the point]. i'm still embarrassed to say exactly how many white t-shirts i own [hint: it's a lot].

what’s the one color in your wardrobe to which you always gravitate?

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