Wednesday, October 31, 2012

oh and one more thing [yay! a giveaway!]

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

so i've decided since i [constantly] rave about sephora [here, here, and here] that i would do a little giveaway for all of you! 

[i'll let the excitement die down a little before i go on.]

what you see [badly, sorry] pictured here are some of my absolute favs. what you'll get in this cute little see-through sephora bag is:

for a chance to win, follow me on twitter [don't worry, i don't annoyingly tweet what i ate for breakfast/lunch/dinner] and leave me a comment on this post [it can be anything from "i want to win" or "natalie, what a lovely blog you have, please pick me". extra points for originality]! just use the rafflecopter widget below.

a winner will be announced next wednesday, november 7th!

[oh and this giveaway is totally sponsored by me and sephora had nothing to do with it... other than selling me all the goodies.]

a Rafflecopter giveaway

wear it wednesday [hey there halloween]

[seeing as i'm done with the fall trends that i'm willing to wear, and] it's halloween! so i figured i'd do a little halloween-type photoshoot [wearing an oxblood peplum top, you know, just to drive that trend home]. we're not dressing up for halloween, and [sadly] i haven't found a suitable costume for my dog [last year he was a shark. a shark-pei!], but [gosh darn it] has our place got a [sometimes badly spray painted pumpkin] in every corner [as seen yesterday]! enjoy:

 [h&m peplum top - similar, j brand 811 jeans, ann taylor jacket (old) - similar, tory burch flats, h&m scarf (old), ray ban sunglasses]

 [pumpkins like to wear sunglasses too]

 [you may remember this large-ish pumpkin from this post]

 [beau approves my outfit with... a high-five]

 [great buy 2 or 3 years ago]

 [nothing wrong with a little bit of flashing. while clothed of course]

 [my trusty lv neverfull]

so happy halloween, all! hope you have many adorably dressed trick-or-treaters at your doors tonight [i'll be at home probably eating all of our halloween candy and then hiding because we ran out].

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

oh and one more thing [kind of a decorating disaster]

Tuesday, October 30, 2012
as promised in my fall activities friday post, i was hell-bent on painting/spray painting me some pumpkins this year. i picked up a little painting kit at a local michael's store, along with the all-important glitter and rose gold metallic spray paint, and one lovely sunday when hubby insisted on watching football, i got to painting away. let's see, shall we?

[the color selection - i was going for a metallic theme]

[a bright orange]

[with a flower on the bottom! (duh moment, don't dry it on a paper towel, it peels off when you lift it - hey! i'm new at this)]

 [then the larger pumpkin got painted like a metallic candy corn!]

[what's the score? don't care, got me a cool looking pumpkin]

[the end result, don't they look snazzy and not like they were painted by a 5-year-old?]

now please permit me to tell you a quick story about my spray painting experience. i got everything set up outside. 1 little white pumpkin and 2 little orange pumpkins laid out on a newspaper on the grass. my gloves were on [because who wants spray painted fingers?] and i was ready. mostly excited for the glitter spray paint, i grabbed that first and pressed down on the little nozzle. that's when everything went to hell. 

the spray paint came out in giant globs all over the little white pumpkin, i screamed because i didn't expect a spray paint glob-fest, and [naturally] kept spray painting until the pumpkin was globbily covered in glitter. 

then it started oozing off, so i was left with a very unevenly spray painted, globby glittery little pumpkin. [oof, not pretty]. 

at this point hubby intervened telling me i had to wait [wait? me? never!] for the first layer to dry, so i left glittery pumpkin alone and got started on the two others that i was spraying rose-gold. those went a little better until i stopped spraying and still heard that shhhhhhhhhssssssss noise that spray cans make when they're spraying [you know the one?]. 

that's when i discovered that the glitter spray paint can was quietly spitting glitter. everywhere. [fabulous]. luckily i was dressed in my bum clothes [you know you have some of those] for just such a scenario, was able to grab the can, slap the lid on it, run it over to our little community trash area, and throw it into one of the trash cans. crisis averted [hooray me!] although, i'm about 80% sure it may have exploded in there and we now have a very glittery trash can [but it's better that way, isn't it?]. 

the rest of the spray painting was relatively uneventful and [after a painfully slow drying process] i'm excited to show you the end result [please pay no attention to the one lumpy glittery pumpkin]:

do you have any diy/crafty disaster stories? i'd love to hear them [and maybe feel a little less embarrassed about mine]! 

tuesday threads [red, black, and blue all over]

when i was younger, i followed rules pretty religiously. including rules about not wearing brown and black together, and blue and black together. but now, i really enjoy the combination. so much so that i wore it to work last week:

[banana republic outfit polka dot blouse (old), loft corduroys, j.crew vest, target suede wedge booties (not on website, but i love these too]

 [don't mind me, people exiting my building at 5pm, i'm just swinging from a lightpost. and getting my picture taken]

do you ever pair colors that "don't go together" together? 

Monday, October 29, 2012

monday musings [makeup application]

Monday, October 29, 2012
i have a pretty minimal makeup routine - and until recently, really didn't use any foundation.   or eye shadow. [or anything else cool.] i like to keep it quick and easy, so here's what i usually do:

[not pictured] start with the de-puffing eye massage roller under my eyes [it really does minimize puffiness].

then i slap [ok maybe more like apply] on some primer.

after that comes the under-eye concealer [because i don't get enough sleep], apply under the eye and a little in the inner corner and blend.

eye-liner comes next [i swear by this givenchy khol liner, it's amazing, and blendable].

 [fyi, no one looks good putting on eyeliner. i don't care who you are]

[speaking of blendable] i then take my eye-liner angle brush and smudge the liner a little [which isn't pictured. but it looks as awkward as the eyeliner, i promise you].

i then use my eye-shadow brush to apply either the bare minerals renew or bare skin eye-shadow [funny story, until i discovered bare minerals, i was horrible... hooooooorrible at eye shadow application. i looked like i was punched in the eye if i tried to do a smokey eye. anyone else have that problem?] on my eye lid and celestine in the inner corners because it'll reflect light and make you look more awake [and i need all the help i can get in that category].

after that, i dab some foundation on my wedge makeup applicator and apply like so.

then comes the illuminator on each cheekbone, i like it better than blush [it helps to smile!].

i run a few swipes of the mineral veil in an "E" formation on each side of the face with the face brush. start at the middle top of your forehead, swipe down around the perimeter of your face, go in at the cheeks, back out, and in at the chin [like demonstrated below].

then, brush your lashes with the mascara. i like to clean the tip if the mascara brush of all the clumps [because no one likes clumps] and start with the bottom lashes. i usually do about 2 swipes on the bottom and 3 swipes on the top lashes, making sure to get the outer corners.

lastly, i usually dab on some kind of chapstick/gloss. lately it's been clinique's superbalm moisturizing gloss in raspberry or [as pictured] ulta's super shiny gloss in siren.

and voila! an au-naturale look. the whole thing takes about 7 minutes! [10 minutes if my dog wants to play fetch which he loves to do mid-makeup application]. 

with that said, i'm always looking for a few tips and tricks, whether it's products, application, etc. got any? let me know!

oh and almost forgot [but not really, i'm trying to be mysterious], i'll be doing a little giveaway of some of my favorite sephora goodies later on this week, so be sure to stay tuned!

Friday, October 26, 2012

friday favs [all about accessories]

Friday, October 26, 2012
[before you get all technical on me, shoes are accessories. the end.]

when investing my own money in items, i tend to splurge more on shoes, scarves, and bags than on actual clothes. my theory [and i'm sure it's one of many a fashionista] is that i can dress up a $5 plain white [and i looooove white, 'member this post?] shirt with my red & yellow mcqueen skull print scarf, grab my alexander wang rocco bag and head out the door [and obviously pants would be involved somewhere in that outfit, too. maybe] looking effortlessly luxe. so when i am able, my accessories purchases are usually much bigger ticket items than my clothing purchases. 

this friday, i'm drooling [the figurative drooling, of course] over these hot-ticket accessories:

friday favs [all about accessories]

 [1.alexander mcqueen ivory shawl 2. alexander mcqueen black waist belt 3. rag & bone black hat handbag 5. christian louboutin pumps]

my wallet isn't quite ready for that chanel bag yet, but when it will be, oh boy, will i dress up a $30 old navy sweater dress like nobody's business!

happy friday, everyone [and hey, thanks for reading, i hope you're having as much fun with this blog as i am!]

Thursday, October 25, 2012

thursday threads [pretty in purple]

Thursday, October 25, 2012
since i usually end up wearing some shade of grey/white/[other bland neutral], i decided that one day last week [remember this sneak peek] i was going to wear color. a nice pop of color. and this h&m dress was [purpl-y] perfect:

 [h&m 3/4 sleeve length dress, h&m floral scarf (old), coconuts booties also seen here and here]

 [hubby made a "oh that's a terrible picture face" so i made my "are you saying i'm not pretty boo-boo lip face". and he took a picture.]

[beau got in on the action. and looks like he's bored to death. or sneezing. excellent.]

what's your favorite color to wear?