Friday, October 12, 2012

fall [activities] friday

Friday, October 12, 2012
last saturday hubby and i went to see a house close to where he used to live when we were dating and ended up at a local orchard to pick up some pumpkins [because i decided we were being festive this year]. i guess we were feeling pumpkin-withdrawal because we ended up with $30 worth of pumpkins [including two pie pumpkins that i'm hoping will magically turn into pumpkin pie at midnight. isn't that how it works?].

it was kind of warm/cold that day so [naturally] i threw on a sweater... and some shorts:

 [h&m sweater - similar, ae shorts (old) - similar, converse chucks also seen here, coach penny purse]

 [my incredibly versatile forever 21 dark green sunnies - similar... best $5.80 ever spent]

[hubby's fedora purchased on our honeymoon because he wanted to be cool like me in my fedora]

 [put 'em up]

 [i have a mean right jab]

 [hubby with our porch pumpkin]

[being stalked... please tell me someone else got that?]

i also went out and bought spray paint. glitter spray paint. because this year, we're not carving, we're spray painting. pictures to come [stay on the edge of your seats, people]!

oh and hey, it's friday, happy weekend!

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  1. Your outfit is so cute! I especially love your fedora. :)

    Good luck making the pumpkin pie! I've never made one before, but it sounds like fun.

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