Friday, October 26, 2012

friday favs [all about accessories]

Friday, October 26, 2012
[before you get all technical on me, shoes are accessories. the end.]

when investing my own money in items, i tend to splurge more on shoes, scarves, and bags than on actual clothes. my theory [and i'm sure it's one of many a fashionista] is that i can dress up a $5 plain white [and i looooove white, 'member this post?] shirt with my red & yellow mcqueen skull print scarf, grab my alexander wang rocco bag and head out the door [and obviously pants would be involved somewhere in that outfit, too. maybe] looking effortlessly luxe. so when i am able, my accessories purchases are usually much bigger ticket items than my clothing purchases. 

this friday, i'm drooling [the figurative drooling, of course] over these hot-ticket accessories:

friday favs [all about accessories]

 [1.alexander mcqueen ivory shawl 2. alexander mcqueen black waist belt 3. rag & bone black hat handbag 5. christian louboutin pumps]

my wallet isn't quite ready for that chanel bag yet, but when it will be, oh boy, will i dress up a $30 old navy sweater dress like nobody's business!

happy friday, everyone [and hey, thanks for reading, i hope you're having as much fun with this blog as i am!]


  1. Loving that hat! So cute for Fall
    Xo, Rachel
    Glitzy Blues

  2. Ahh, this hat is so cute... can't wait to find a cute affordable one :)
    hope house hunting is going well :)

    Abi K


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