Monday, October 29, 2012

monday musings [makeup application]

Monday, October 29, 2012
i have a pretty minimal makeup routine - and until recently, really didn't use any foundation.   or eye shadow. [or anything else cool.] i like to keep it quick and easy, so here's what i usually do:

[not pictured] start with the de-puffing eye massage roller under my eyes [it really does minimize puffiness].

then i slap [ok maybe more like apply] on some primer.

after that comes the under-eye concealer [because i don't get enough sleep], apply under the eye and a little in the inner corner and blend.

eye-liner comes next [i swear by this givenchy khol liner, it's amazing, and blendable].

 [fyi, no one looks good putting on eyeliner. i don't care who you are]

[speaking of blendable] i then take my eye-liner angle brush and smudge the liner a little [which isn't pictured. but it looks as awkward as the eyeliner, i promise you].

i then use my eye-shadow brush to apply either the bare minerals renew or bare skin eye-shadow [funny story, until i discovered bare minerals, i was horrible... hooooooorrible at eye shadow application. i looked like i was punched in the eye if i tried to do a smokey eye. anyone else have that problem?] on my eye lid and celestine in the inner corners because it'll reflect light and make you look more awake [and i need all the help i can get in that category].

after that, i dab some foundation on my wedge makeup applicator and apply like so.

then comes the illuminator on each cheekbone, i like it better than blush [it helps to smile!].

i run a few swipes of the mineral veil in an "E" formation on each side of the face with the face brush. start at the middle top of your forehead, swipe down around the perimeter of your face, go in at the cheeks, back out, and in at the chin [like demonstrated below].

then, brush your lashes with the mascara. i like to clean the tip if the mascara brush of all the clumps [because no one likes clumps] and start with the bottom lashes. i usually do about 2 swipes on the bottom and 3 swipes on the top lashes, making sure to get the outer corners.

lastly, i usually dab on some kind of chapstick/gloss. lately it's been clinique's superbalm moisturizing gloss in raspberry or [as pictured] ulta's super shiny gloss in siren.

and voila! an au-naturale look. the whole thing takes about 7 minutes! [10 minutes if my dog wants to play fetch which he loves to do mid-makeup application]. 

with that said, i'm always looking for a few tips and tricks, whether it's products, application, etc. got any? let me know!

oh and almost forgot [but not really, i'm trying to be mysterious], i'll be doing a little giveaway of some of my favorite sephora goodies later on this week, so be sure to stay tuned!

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