Monday, October 15, 2012

monday musings [the thing about pants]

Monday, October 15, 2012
fit is really important when it comes to buying clothes. without great fit, no matter how high-end your item is, it's going to look bad. i try to make sure the clothes i buy actually fit without having to go to the tailor [i never have time]. especially pants. because pants, pants are tricky. 

i have a number of [pretty common sense] rules when buying pants [if you're like me and never get to the tailor]:

rule #1: if they're dragging on the floor, they're too long, don't buy them 

rule #2: if when you sit down/bend over, they slide down your butt and you show crack that makes plumbers jealous, don't buy them

rule #3: if it looks like you're packin' [c'mon ladies, you know some pants get that weird bulge thing in the front], don't buy them

rule #4: if when you put them on your legs look like they're in sausage casings, don't buy them

rule #5: whenever possible, get pants with a little bit of stretch [especially if you have a small waist, but a butt & thighs like yours truly]

all of these rules have something in common, you have to actually try the pants on. that works fine when you're shopping in a store, but what if you're purchasing online? well, that's trickier, so for online shopping, skip right to:

rule #6: if at all possible, know what size you are in that particular brand [although not always fool-proof]

rule #7: read reviews! [most of the time, people will tell you how they fit, whether they run small or large, if they stretch out or don't, etc.]

these rules in mind, i stumbled upon these pants on the zara website last week and had to have them [i mean, i never had a chance, right?] so i read a few reviews, not having purchased zara pants before, and ordered a size up. 

and when this came in the mail saturday morning [really super fast free delivery = amazing]

i pulled out my beautiful pants... and quickly realized that i may be breaking rules 1, 2, 3, and 5 immediately. they looked ti-ny. but having gotten this far with these beautiful pants [i mean, they traveled so far to see me], i thought i would give them the ole' college try, and a few jean lunges [you know what i'm talking about ladies] later:

they're a little tight [not sausage casing tight], but look damn good on [pant bullet dodged!]

do you have any tips for online shopping you use? care to share?


  1. Size charts! It's so important to know your measurements!

  2. Great post! Love your camo pants!

    Check out my blog and if you like it maybe we can follow eachother on Google or Bloglovin.


    1. thanks deanne :) love your site - i'm following!


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