Monday, October 1, 2012

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Monday, October 1, 2012
we've been house hunting for about a month now, and there's one thing i've noticed that every house we see have in common: a complete lack of closet space [and as i'll explain, that just won't do].

i have a lot of clothes. since 1999 i had a walk-in closet. and now, sadly, i must make-do with a complete lack of closet space. i give you, exhibit a) the closet in our bedroom:

as you can see, there's no room. and the shoe-rack on the bottom contains my summer-early fall shoe rotation [that's right, i have to rotate my shoes, the rest are in plastic storage bins]. 

so in order to remedy my ever-growing clothes collection, hubby built me a clothes rack that spans the whole back wall of our second bedroom (exhibit b). [the following is a little embarrassing, but hey, we're no holds barred here on this blog!]: my defense, only 95% of that is mine [although hubby says i'm encroaching on his 5%].

so you can see why, as we look at houses, i want ample closet space. some of my dream closets look like this:


dream closet


[sigh] a girl can dream, right?

but mostly we're finding closets that look like this:

[look how sad this dude is! he obviously has a lot of clothes too.]

and since there's no way i'll fit my clothes in something like that... the search continues.

do you have a dream closet? what does it look like?

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  1. haha, I know what you mean about wanting a HUGE closet!

  2. that is the exact reason you have one less child than bedrooms.


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