Monday, October 8, 2012

monday musings

Monday, October 8, 2012
when she was born, i told my mom to "take that girl back" because "i was her daughter" [gimme a break, i was a year and eight months old], but, thankfully, my mom didn't listen and i got a little sister. 

we look nothing alike [except in profile!], she's tall, blonde, and blue eyed to my short, brown hair and eyes, and i used to tell her she was adopted [she's not, and a spitting image of our beautiful paternal grandmother, and obviously i was being a jerk], but we got over that phase [when i realized she was infinitely more awesome than me].

apart from being gorgeous, she's also incredibly stylish [a trait i hope we share since we used to come downstairs for breakfast before high school dressed the same and fight over who was going to go change]:

 [rockin' a sweet blazer and amazing haircut]

 [i mean seriously? it's almost unfair]

[a work-to-dinner look]

[look at that use of the collar!]

she lives in atlanta now [and i miss her a lot], but she came to visit all last week and my family got our [necessary] olga-fix! so until next time, sisterface [loveyoucomebacksoon]!

do you have awesome siblings? what are they like?

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