Tuesday, October 16, 2012

oh and one more thing [a brush with fate]

Tuesday, October 16, 2012
i'm sure by now you've heard of [or already own, in which case i'm jealous] the highly acclaimed mason pearson brush

Mason Pearson 'Handy Mixture' Nylon & Boar Bristle Hair Brush
[let's let that image sink in]

it comes in different versions, from fine hair to even a travel size. i've read all the reviews and countless mentions in magazines, celeb/pro endorsements. people swear by it. and i was so ready to swear by it too. until i googled it. and up popped the $120 price tag. for. a. hair. brush. [really people?] i couldn't [couldn't!] spend that much on a brush [i've been known to drop a pretty penny on items, but i can't justify a hair brush. unless it turns into a stylist and does your hair for you. but i haven't read anywhere that it does that, so no mason pearson]. even the travel version was $88! 

so, bummed, i resolved to live the rest of my life [or until i won the lottery or was magically named princess of some country and given a coffer of gold and jewels] sans the mason pearson [wonder] brush. that is until...

i was perusing the sephora travel-size rows [clearly where i spend the bulk of my time when visiting that makeup mecca] and low-and-behold was this little beauty:

it's a little smaller than the mason pearson travel-sized but, with boar-bristles as well, it's almost the same. and best part? only $15. i can live with that.

my little sephora luxe combo travel brush and i have been living happily [and $73 richer] ever after.

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