Tuesday, October 30, 2012

oh and one more thing [kind of a decorating disaster]

Tuesday, October 30, 2012
as promised in my fall activities friday post, i was hell-bent on painting/spray painting me some pumpkins this year. i picked up a little painting kit at a local michael's store, along with the all-important glitter and rose gold metallic spray paint, and one lovely sunday when hubby insisted on watching football, i got to painting away. let's see, shall we?

[the color selection - i was going for a metallic theme]

[a bright orange]

[with a flower on the bottom! (duh moment, don't dry it on a paper towel, it peels off when you lift it - hey! i'm new at this)]

 [then the larger pumpkin got painted like a metallic candy corn!]

[what's the score? don't care, got me a cool looking pumpkin]

[the end result, don't they look snazzy and not like they were painted by a 5-year-old?]

now please permit me to tell you a quick story about my spray painting experience. i got everything set up outside. 1 little white pumpkin and 2 little orange pumpkins laid out on a newspaper on the grass. my gloves were on [because who wants spray painted fingers?] and i was ready. mostly excited for the glitter spray paint, i grabbed that first and pressed down on the little nozzle. that's when everything went to hell. 

the spray paint came out in giant globs all over the little white pumpkin, i screamed because i didn't expect a spray paint glob-fest, and [naturally] kept spray painting until the pumpkin was globbily covered in glitter. 

then it started oozing off, so i was left with a very unevenly spray painted, globby glittery little pumpkin. [oof, not pretty]. 

at this point hubby intervened telling me i had to wait [wait? me? never!] for the first layer to dry, so i left glittery pumpkin alone and got started on the two others that i was spraying rose-gold. those went a little better until i stopped spraying and still heard that shhhhhhhhhssssssss noise that spray cans make when they're spraying [you know the one?]. 

that's when i discovered that the glitter spray paint can was quietly spitting glitter. everywhere. [fabulous]. luckily i was dressed in my bum clothes [you know you have some of those] for just such a scenario, was able to grab the can, slap the lid on it, run it over to our little community trash area, and throw it into one of the trash cans. crisis averted [hooray me!] although, i'm about 80% sure it may have exploded in there and we now have a very glittery trash can [but it's better that way, isn't it?]. 

the rest of the spray painting was relatively uneventful and [after a painfully slow drying process] i'm excited to show you the end result [please pay no attention to the one lumpy glittery pumpkin]:

do you have any diy/crafty disaster stories? i'd love to hear them [and maybe feel a little less embarrassed about mine]! 


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