Friday, October 5, 2012

oh and one more thing

Friday, October 5, 2012
a few weeks ago my coworker had a gallon jug on her desk filled with things floating in it [grosssssss, i don't generally like anything in my water other than two little hydrogens and an oxygenlame chem joke, i know, bear with me, it's all i remember from ap chem]. 

after asking what it was, she told me it was sassy water [awesome name, btw] and that it's supposed to help you detox naturally [and who doesn't need a little detox?]. the stuff floating in it was cucumber, lemon, and mint! hubby and i had cucumber infused water on our honeymoon back in may [i grudgingly drank it at first because the resort insisted on infusing their water], which we totally loved [to my surprise] and vowed to make at home with our brand spanking new pitchers we got as gifts [and naturally completely forgot]. so i gave it a shot and it's surprisingly refreshing!

[after forgetting to buy the ingredients every time i went to the grocery store], i finally bought some mint and lemons and made up a batch last night [to hubby's amused remarks, "why did you buy all these lemons, you hate lemons?" and, "you're making sassy what?"].

the instructions are simple enough for even me [the anti-cook] to follow:

8 1/2 cups water [or you can just fill whatever pitcher you're using to the brim]
1 teaspoon grated ginger [i don't like ginger, so i skipped it]
1 medium cucumber
1 medium lemon
12 leaves mint

1. mix all ingredients together in a pitcher
2. refrigerate overnight
3. strain water [or not, i didn't, i just poured]
4. drink all 8 1/2 cups during the day [btw, not a meal replacement]

[i didn't take a picture of mine, this one's borrowed from here, but here's what it looks like]

i gotta tell you, it's delicious! [and i haven't felt bloated all day! tmi?]

and with that, happy friday!

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  1. That looks SO yummy! I'm a huge fan of lemon in my water, so I can't wait to try this out on my own :)


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