Thursday, October 18, 2012

thursday tales [the attempted tulip heist]

Thursday, October 18, 2012
last friday i bought myself some whole foods tulips [hey, i was there for lunch and they have pretty flowers] to take home, i wanted to spruce up my living room [plus the flowers i had on the table where those from my birthday. over a month ago. and withered. it was time for them to go]. 

i grabbed all of my stuff [i usually have my giant lv neverfull, computer bag, lunch tote, and other various items to carry out] and almost made it out the door when i realized that my jacket was not among the various items i was toting [this is a daily occurrence, although i usually make it all the way out to my car before realizing i'd forgotten my jacket, so i thought myself lucky that i only made it to our little front-desk area]. so i placed my items on one of the waiting-area chairs, right in front of the big window next to the front door, and visible to all those that might walk by the in the building's hallway [yes, that description was important to the central plot of this tale]. 

in the 15 seconds it took me to walk back to my office, grab my coat, and return to my stuff, there was an older gentleman [who i had seen in the building before] intently staring at my tulips. intently staring. at. my. tulips. [like if-i-didn't-return-soon-he-was-going-to-open-the-door-and-grab-them staring. weird]. he started doing some pointing gestures to my flowers and since i had no choice but to walk through the front door, i gathered up my stuff, and met the tulip-watcher in the hallway. 

here's what happened next:

"may i buy those from you?" the guy says to me.
"uh. what?" i manage to stammer back.
"your flowers, can i buy them from you?"
"well, uh, no, i need them."
"how about just one?" [i had two bunches]
"no, i, uh, i need both."
"but you can buy them at whole foods, uh, across the street", i recover [ungracefully].
"oh, that's a good idea", tulip-watcher says, turns and walks down the hallway.
[i escape swiftly to my car, carrying my precious tulips]

you see, i had plans for those tulips. they were going in my new marshall's purchased giant silver candle-holder-that-i-was-going-to-use-as-a-vase a-la the mint julep cups idea from emily shuman's cupcakes and cashmere book. they were going to make my dining room table pretty [amidst the mail/papers/random items we keep there]. and no tulip-watcher was going to take [or buy] them from me. not if i could help it.

[the end result, so worth it]


  1. yup, he wanted those lovely tulips :)
    Beautiful flowers, I too always get them, they just freshen everything up!

    Abi K

  2. Great blog!!! I love all your pics! Would you like to follow each other?

    BIG hair LOUD mouth


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