Thursday, October 25, 2012

thursday threads [pretty in purple]

Thursday, October 25, 2012
since i usually end up wearing some shade of grey/white/[other bland neutral], i decided that one day last week [remember this sneak peek] i was going to wear color. a nice pop of color. and this h&m dress was [purpl-y] perfect:

 [h&m 3/4 sleeve length dress, h&m floral scarf (old), coconuts booties also seen here and here]

 [hubby made a "oh that's a terrible picture face" so i made my "are you saying i'm not pretty boo-boo lip face". and he took a picture.]

[beau got in on the action. and looks like he's bored to death. or sneezing. excellent.]

what's your favorite color to wear?


  1. Such a cute look! Loving that color and your boots!


  2. Love the color purple on you! And your dog is SO freaking cute!


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