Tuesday, October 23, 2012

tuesday threads [laid back]

Tuesday, October 23, 2012
sometimes on weekends, you just want to throw on a pair of comfy jeans, booties, and a 3/4 sleeve oversized soft t-shirt [and a scarf, of course]. oh, lookee here:

 [joe's jeans, h&m booties (old) - similar, h&m 3/4 sleeve shirt, scarf (an old birthday gift)]

i absolutely love these little booties i picked up last week at h&m. they were just hanging out on the clearance rack yelling "natalieeeee, take us hooooome! we'll look reeeeally cute with all of your skinny jeeeeeeannnnnnsssss". and never one to pass up 1) a good deal and 2) anything that looks good with my skinny jeans, these puppies came on home with me!

what's your laid back weekend look?

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