Tuesday, October 2, 2012

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012
i need to dress business casual at work, and while my workplace is a little more lenient than others [i work for a small company], it's still a challenge to pick out a stylish, work-and-age appropriate outfit for work. 

i recently read an article in the october 2012 issue of real simple [an absolutely fabulous lifestyle mag that's s l o w l y inspiring me to maybe start cooking. a little] titled "what does your work look say about you?" that went through 8 looks; head-to-toe designer, conservative timeless suit, sloppy genius, trend-tastic, young and casual, sexy and you know it, severe schoolmarm, and rainbow brights, and realized that i'm somewhere in-between trend-tastic and young and casual [without the jeans]. according to the ceos rating the looks, i appear that i spend a lot of time keeping up with trends and on the young and casual side that i'm relaxed and easy to talk to but that my appearance could keep me from moving up [which made me go, hmmmm...]. 

so i spent some time thinking about how i get ready in the morning, and realized that i usually end up wearing what i feel is work appropriate, trendy, comfortable, and makes me look and feel good. as long as i follow the basic work-directed dress code, what's wrong with that? [nothing, in my opinion!]

let me share with you one of my go-to work looks:

blouse + pencil skirt

    [metropark white blouse]  
Image 1 of ASOS Pencil Skirt in Rose and Lace Print 
[asos pencil skirt]

this is how i applied this concept to work last week:

 [aqua army green cargo shirt (old) - similar, loft print pencil skirt (old) - similar, jimmy choo baxen peeptoe wedges, louis vuitton neverfull gm]

 [apparently this is my cute army look]

[and because the choos deserve a close-up. btw, you can usually find pop-up sales on rue-la-la, hautelook, and gilt if you want to get a good choo deal!]

out of the real simple's article categories, where do you think you fit and what's your go-to work style?

oh and hey, up on thursday - i take this look from day to date night! [i know, i can't wait either! but you'll have to. until thursday. because that's how this works.]

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