Wednesday, October 17, 2012

wear it wednesday [flower power]

Wednesday, October 17, 2012
you'd expect florals in shirts, dresses, or even sweaters [if you're feeling adventurous], but pants? floral pants are unexpected. which is exactly what i was going for when i picked up a pair of mng by mango for jcp floral print [stretchy! see rule #5 in monday's post] jeans... and proceeded to wear them to a gender reveal party [because who doesn't want to wear pants with giant roses on them, am i right?]:

 [see? running split-approved stretchy jeans are the way to go]

[mng by mango floral jeans, target t-shirt, old navy army vest - similar, pink & pepper nude tassel loafers from dsw]

since the pants were [kind of] crazy, i toned down the rest of the outfit with a grey tee, a green army vest [i'm a little in love with it] and a pair of nude tassel loafers [which are becoming a go-to fall work shoe].

i'd also like to add that i was hedging my bets with this look. 50% boyish [grey tee + army green vest] and 50% girlish [floral pants and tassle shoes] because we were going to find out what one of my dearest friends [who is thin, beautiful, and unbloated no matter what she says] was having at this party. and guess what, the pants won [because they're crazy floral pants, of course], it's a little girl. my dearest friend [and i!!!!] couldn't be more excited!

other than their apparent [and self-proclaimed] magic gender predicting ability, overall, reactions to my pants were 50/50 [i believe hubby took a verrrrrryyy lonnnnggg pause before answering "yes?" - with that question mark - when asked if he liked them], so what do you think?


  1. What a fun unexpected combo pairing the floral pants with a utility vest! 50% fem 50% masc for a gender reveal the concept :) Fabulous blog!

  2. I really like this outfit & the pants are very cute! so simple yet modern! can totally picture your hubby's reaction, mine does the exact same thing when I show him some of my outfits... they gotta love us girly girls :)

    Abi K :)

  3. Love your trousers. Would love to buy them!


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