Wednesday, October 10, 2012

wear it wednesday

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
oxblood is such a violent name for a color [isn't it?]. thankfully, it's a very pretty color that i happen to adore and would be wearing in on form or another whether it was "in" or not [because i'm rebellious. take that establishment!]. 

throughout the entire summer, i was rocking colored pants to work to spice up the usual khaki, black, grey attire and when i came across these oxblood[y] beauties at h&m in august, i snatched them up immediately. not only are they slightly stretchy [let's face it, pants are always better when "slightly stretchy"], but they cut hits perfectly at my ankle [i'm that weird between regular sizes and petite sizes so cigarette leg ankle cuts are ideal, otherwise i end up cleaning the ground or if they're boot cut, look like i'm ready for a very tiny flood]. 

long story short, i love these pants have them in 2 other colors. [hey, my motto is when you find a good thing - get two, or three. except when it comes to boyfriends or husbands. that would be awkward. hi baby! i'm going to stop now and just let you look at these pictures].

 [sorry for the crappy light - we go to work early and the sun is just coming up, and uncooperative]

[h&m sweater, h&m oxblood pants - similar]

 [h&m grey suede cap toe heels (in stores now, but not on website) - similar]

[because you need to see a stupid pose too]

 [throwing on a lime green scarf, also h&m (old) - similar]

[apparently this entire outfit was brought to you by h&m]

do you like this violent color? how would you wear it? would you try head-to-toe? [20 questions much?]

next week - florals!

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  1. LOVE the oxblood and grey combo! The lime green adds a gorgeous pop of color which looks great on you! Great outfit

    XO Alex


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