Monday, November 19, 2012

monday musings [when i grow up]

Monday, November 19, 2012
a little while ago, somewhere between hunting down financial documents for a mortgage pre-approval and discussing buying new tires for my car with my husband, i realized that i'm a grown up. [you'd think a 27-year-old would know that, right? not necessarily]. 

i just have one question, when the heck did this happen?

wasn't it just last year we were completely color-clashing our dresses for junior prom? wasn't it yesterday that my 10th grade chem lab partner [and very dear friend] jared and i were calling our smart friend in class for lab report answers? what happened to summers watching movies [whether at neshaminy or in josh's basement], galavanting around europe [aka "studying abroad"], and asking parents for gas money? 

it's crazy how time flies, but i've been unbelievably [incredibly, amazingly] lucky to have a great group of friends, both old and new with whom [hey, all you english teachers, am i using "whom" correctly?] to go through this growing up thing. 

last week, my high school friends and i gathered together for a little potluck dinner party at our friend ali & her husband's new house [see what i'm talking about? we have houses and potlucks now!

us, in all of our grown-up glory:

[miss jessie showing off her culinary skills. and butt]

[jess's pizza on portobello mushrooms, was amazing]

[ali & kevin's stromboli didn't last long]

[jess & becky doing their blog poses]

[me, uh, doing my blog pose.... joe's jeans, old navy blouse - similar, h&m vest (old), target wedge booties]

[look at the presentation]

[mr. remy "devil eyes" rockey taking advantage of all the people to weasel his way onto the couch]

i may not know when we grew up, but when i get around this great group of kids, i might as well be back in high school with jess mercilessly making fun of my horrible bangs [they had to go] until i got rid of them [love you jessie!]. 

and i guess we're not completely grown up, because i still like my chocolate chip cookies with ice cream [made by jared!] on top. off of paper plates [because real plates are for real grown ups and we're just pretending].

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  1. "because real plates are for real grown ups and we're just pretending" ... great quote !!

    and that salad looks delicious!



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