Thursday, November 29, 2012

oh and one more thing [i put up our tree all by myself]

Thursday, November 29, 2012
the title says it all. 

sunday, we i decided that we were putting up a tree. so, after molesting half of the trees at our local lowes store, we settled on this lovely fraiser fir beauty. that i proceeded to decorate all by myself because my two supposed helpers decided to make themselves comfy on the couch. [jerks].

documented in black & white for coolness purposes:

 [the tree fit in my car. not on, in]


  ["whatcha doin' mom?"]

  [inspecting the lights]

  [a little bow topper]

  [isn't she a beaut?]


  [finishing touches]

 [spray painted pine cones - a spontaneous purchase at lowes]

 [the non-helpers]

 [but beau made it up to me]

i gotta tell ya, hanging out in the livingroom by the light of the tree and some candles sure is purdy. job well done, me. [a nice pat on the back].

have you put your tree up yet?


  1. I love the personality you bring to your blog, seeing others everyday life is so much fun! Cute dog, I am a sucker for dogs with curly tails and squished noses :P


    1. thanks kristine! beau's pretty much a total ham :)


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