Wednesday, November 28, 2012

oh and one more thing [to & from]

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
when december nears [and the magazines on the news stands start broadcasting gift guides like nobody's business], i start thinking about the gifting season [always with a tiny bit of panic and pressure to get my family members 'the best gift ever']. while i love getting gifts, i secretly [i guess not so secretly now] love giving gifts more. naturally, i buy every single magazine with 'gift guide' anywhere in the title. [you are so welcome, hearst co.] it gets a little pricey so you can imagine my total joy when i stumbled upon this to & from fabulous gift guide last night [via kiley from a sequin dress at breakfast] and it literally took over my evening [like in a good way]. it features gift ideas from different bloggers separated into nicely organizes categories [or in other words, my december heaven]. 

check out the fab gift ideas for yourself!

[not a sponsored post, i just like to share stuff i like with others that may like it]

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