Thursday, November 22, 2012

thursday tales [thankful]

Thursday, November 22, 2012

this isn't exactly a tale, but more of a list. [a thankful, thankful list]. for all the days this month until thanksgiving [today!], i've been keeping a little tally of what i'm thankful for [whether silly or serious, and in no particular order]:
  1. my family [they're pretty awesome]
  2. my husband ['nuff said]
  3. beau [he's brought so much joy to our little family unit]
  4. my friends [old, new, i love you guys]
  5. coffee [without which i'd not be very nice to anyone in the mornings]
  6. salt [weird, i know, but i just love it]
  7. being able to take weekend getaways
  8. my job [i know i sometimes complain, but i'm really, really lucky to have a great one]
  9. yoga [for keeping me leveled and peaceful]
  10. pinterest [i don't think i need to explain this one]
  11. cheese [yes, cheese]
  12. my health
  13. my size 7.5 feet [because stores always have a 7.5]
  14. finally training my hair to do a middle part [and rockin' it]
  15. sleep [goodness am i ever thankful for sleep]
  16. memories [especially of my grandmothers]
  17. great [unputdownable] books
  18. wine [red, red wine]
  19. getting dolled up for parties [and sweatpants mornings]
  20. a quick morning get-ready routine [because we all have those "omg i look terrible in everything" mornings and change clothes 3 5 times]
  21. my new iphone [and instagram filters that i could never get on my blackberry]
  22. everyone that reads this blog [and those that leave me your fabulous comments!!]
so thank you, everything i just mentioned. from silly [mmm cheese] to the serious [love you momdadsisterfaceandhubby] you make me thankful all year round.
what are you thankful for?


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