Thursday, November 8, 2012

thursday threads [baby, it's cold outside]

Thursday, November 8, 2012
hey northeast, what happened to fall? 

[don't worry, i have theory.

i think it's just like that new kfc chicken commercial that's on tv now [where the guys come to the party, are excited to how awesome the party is, grab a piece of kfc chicken, realize that was the last of the kfc chicken, decide that the party is dead, and leave to go to kfc to get more chicken]. 

i think fall went to get more kfc chicken and left us all with winter [which is obviously exactly what happened]. 

and i don't like winter, because [heck], i'm cold!

 [loft pea coat (old) - similar, tj maxx scarf (a gift), h&m oxblood pants - similar (also seen here), report smoking slipper (old) - similar (also seen here)]

 ["turn around and do something"]

[see any snow yet?]

so um fall, please come back for just a little while longer? [i've got a nice bucket of chicken for you!]

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