Tuesday, November 20, 2012

tuesday threads [mountain (wo)man]

Tuesday, November 20, 2012
if you follow me on twitter [@n_likeintheskya] or instagram [natalie_hodak] you'd know that for his birthday, i whisked hubby away to a [romantical] weekend in the mountains at the prettiest log cabin ever [i'll throw up some pictures later in today's "oh and one more thing"]. we had a great time and decided [well, more like i decided] that we would take advantage of the gorgeous scenery for some outfit shots [hubby was thrilled. thrilled!]:

[pjk patterson j. kincaid vest & jacket (seen here), loft slouchy cardigan - similar, loft floral scarf - similar]

 [what's that over there?]

 [oh, is it a pair of j.brand 811 skinny jeans? must be!]

 [obligatory blogger "check my shoes" pose]

 [obligatory natalie "weirdo face" pose]

[target wedge booties]

we had a lovely time [i highly suggest mountain cabin getaways for everyone].

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  1. Pretty scenery! Love the wedge boots!

    I'm sure your husband didn't mind taking pictures of you at all :-)



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