Wednesday, November 7, 2012

wear it wednesday [in the army now]

Wednesday, November 7, 2012
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while it's been around for a while, the army jacket trend has been going strong. why you ask? just take a look at how good these simple little jackets look:

ARMY JACKETS photo | Kate Moss, Katie Holmes, Rachel Bilson
[image via people style watch]

well, i needed one of these jackets. it was missing from my wardrobe as you saw in my 5 necessary jackets post and a couple of weeks ago, i found it the perfect one:

[pjk patterson j. kincaid caprice fur parka]

my encounter with the army jacket of my dreams went a little something like this: i spotted it, checked it out, saw the price, heaved a heavy sigh, walked away, down the escalator, out of the store, across the parking lot, got into my car, turned on the engine, put it in reverse... and just sat there thinking about this jacket. then slowly, i put the car in park, sat there thinking for a full 5 minutes, rummaged through my purse for any of the store's percent off coupons, found one that was good just that day, saw it as a sign, got out of the car, walked back in the store, up the escalator, back to the jacket, took it off the hanger, put it on [it fit perfectly, saw that as another sign], reviewed my percent off coupon, swore to myself to return some of that days other [now insignificant] purchases, went up to the checkout, purchased my jacket, and walked out of the store grinning. 

i've been wearing it, and the detachable fur vest [as seen here and here] non-stop ever since [purchase justified]. and i wore it this past sunday when hubby and i went to check out peddler's village annual apple festival:

 [rebecca minkoff mini mac cross body bag]

 [patterson j. kincaid army jacket, j.brand 811 jeans, forever 21 tiger sweater - similar, jessica simpson motorcycle boots, express leopard print infinity scarf, ray ban wayfarer sunglasses]

 [a necessary apple dumpling]

[my new boyfriend]

[was that not supposed to go on my head? also wearing sonsi palm beach earrings from my philly fabb goodie bag]

what was your last [totally worthy] splurge?


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