Wednesday, November 14, 2012

wear it wednesday [red alert]

Wednesday, November 14, 2012
no matter how hard i try [here specifically], i've never really been one too great at makeup. but my sister [remember her from here?] is actually pretty amazing. 

since i'm a teensy bit under the weather this week [and no one wants a close up of my rudolph-the-red-nose face at the moment], she's graciously sent over a how-to on red lipstick! 

it's still [and i think always will be] a classic way to spruce up your look as my research [aka the december 2012 issue of glamour mag] shows:

[although that middle picture is a little scary]

here's how olga breaks down her red-lip application for you good people:

step 1: make sure your lips are clean and dry of any lotions, chapsticks etc. wipe them dry

step 2: brush your lips with loose powder

step 3: line the outside and inner lip area with a lipliner that MATCHES your lipstick.  [none of that ghetto un-matching liner]

step 4: fill lips with the red lip color of your choice

now here's the kicker... repeat steps 2-4 AGAIN. this ensures that your lipstick will stay on longer and you reduce re-touches.

step 5: admire your fabulousness

[damnnnnn she look gooooood]

what's your go-to classic make-up look?

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