Friday, December 7, 2012

friday favs [a holiday wishlist]

Friday, December 7, 2012
friday favs [a holiday wishlist]

[hunter bootsily couture classic sweat shirt, clare vivier striped clutch, j.crew quilted puffer vest, urban decay eyeshadow, nars pure matte lipstick in volga]

hello my dear readers, the holidays are coming up fast
so i figured i'd share with you my wishlist at last

there's nothing more that i love than making things rhyme
so you'll have to bear with me just this one time

[in no particular order...]

first up are some hunters, in a gorgeous green hue
so i don't get wet feet and end up with the flu

then i'd like a sweater from ily couture
it's an instant 'classic', you'll agree with me for sure

third on my list is a beautiful clutch
clare vivier's items make me want them so much

and while we're on the subject of only the best
you might as well buy me this sweet j.crew vest

now last, but not least, every girl should look good
so a nice eye shadow palette [and lipstick!] will surely brighten my mood

all of these goodies are perfect for me
and i wouldn't mind [not at all!] if they wound up under my tree

by now, my dear readers i'm sure you're quite sick of my bad rhyming ways
so i'll wish you a happy friday and the best for your holidays!

[and in case you want to see more of what i want to make mine
i'll be pinning my heart out tonight with some wine!]


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