Monday, December 3, 2012

monday musings [best shampoo ever]

Monday, December 3, 2012
it's no secret that i have hair care ADD. i probably have at least 5 different kinds of half-used shampoos and conditioners just awaiting their turn in the cabinet under the bathroom sink [don't even get me started on the hairsprays and volume boosting products]. and [to my husband's total delight] i keep getting more. why do i keep doing this? it's because i haven't found a product yet that lives up to my high standards... of what my hair looks like post a salon visit. a pretty lofty goal, right? one, until last month i thought wasn't attainable. 

but last month i got a chance to go to the philly fabb event at andre richard salon, and while i didn't get the chance to experience their world class blow-out [ran out of time!], i did get to go home with an ARS shampoo and conditioner sample which after trying [and quickly running out of, boo-hiss], i'm completely obsessed with [yes, i end sentences with prepositions, this is my blog and i do what i want]. post-shampoo/conditioning, my hair was soft and manageable [and overall made me want to shout out "everyone, come see how good i look!"].

ARS by andre richard salon is a clinically tested line of styling products built for high performance which includes 11 items from shampoo and conditioner to styling spray and finishing oil ranging in price from $13 to $22 [super affordable for a salon product]. the philosophy behind the line is to use natural, healthy products to deliver the best results. ARS protects and coats each strand of hair with a rich formula of botanicals and minerals to restore natural beauty, volume and shine [oh, and from someone who's tried it, totally works]. ARS is available at andre richard salon located 1218 locust street in philly and online.

so guess what i just added to my shopping cart?

p.s. if you're in the philly area on december 18th from 12-6 or january 1-5, andre richard salon is offering offering free PHYTO hair treatments and free scalp analysis [PHYTO is a natural line of products from france that begins with a scalp analysis. using a capilliscope, the condition of the scalp and volume, density of hair is diagnosed to tailor a personalized therapy program. PHYTO is a lush, natural product that conditions and treats your scalp before hair is cut, colored or styled]. all you need to do is go online and schedule [make sure you choose 'conditioning PHYTO treatment' from the menu]!

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  1. OMG .. it was like reading my own words! You know, the 5+ bottles of half used shampoo/conditioner under the sink - ya, that's me!

    So you can tell your husband it's a perfectly normal female thing :-)

    Monica -


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