Monday, December 17, 2012

monday musings [a picture for my grandmother]

Monday, December 17, 2012

whether it was her amazing cooking [and the reason i don't cook today, she wouldn't let me in the kitchen!], her ability to make or mend anything [she once sewed all the rips in my intentionally ripped trendy jeans... remember those?], her stories, her being there for me every day of my life, and her unwavering love for our family, there was literally no other woman like my maternal grandmother. 

today marks the second birthday of hers that she's not around, but that doesn't mean she can't feel us celebrating her. [and asking us to please pass the salt].

it's funny, but whenever i had on a new outfit, she'd ask me to take a picture for her. for years! [it's like she knew i'd have a little blog someday. of course.] so thank you, babushka. and here's a little picture for you on your birthday. i think we look pretty good, don't you? 

[p.s. i miss you]

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