Thursday, December 20, 2012

thursday threads [h&m does real leather]

Thursday, December 20, 2012
when i was getting dressed to go house hunting on sunday [incidentally, we only go house hunting on the dreariest days possible.], i wanted to continue my camo pants obsession [as seen here, here, and here]  and showcase my awesome new h&m [real] leather heels [you done good h&m] so this little number came together!

oddly enough, when i got in hubby's car and took a look in the backseat, he had literally the same color sweater and his camo hunting pants just laying there. if that's what he'd worn that day [although full-on hunting camo pants would have been weird] we could have been twins! [it would have totally made his day. or at least mine!]

 [h&m sweater (in stores), zara camo pants, h&m leather heels (in select stores), rebecca minkoff mini mac - straps removed]

[sweet shoe shot]

while we weren't twins [and yes, those shoes may have been swapped for chucks later], we had a lovely day house hunting. but no luck finding our place yet. [hey, house, where you hiding? we're nice people, we don't bite. not even beau.]

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  1. I love this outfit - the contrast of the classic navy sweater with the camo and the pointed pumps is just lovely! Casual chic perfection :)


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