Thursday, December 27, 2012

thursday threads [what jason wore]

Thursday, December 27, 2012
ready for this? hubby was looking extra adorable on sunday in his sweater, jeans, and work boots that i just had to take some pics for the blog.

here he is in all his sweatered glory!

 [old navy sweater - similar, old navy jeans, work boots (from god-knows-where)]

and this is my favorite...
[see why i married him? meant for each other. hams the both of us]

to all my blogging ladies, what does your guy like to wear?


  1. Cute! Your husband makes a great model ;-)


  2. Its so nice when they dress up! He looks great!! Thanks for stopping by my giveaway!

    xo Rach
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  3. If my boyfriend had his way, his wardrobe would consist solely of t-shirts and gym shorts. But lately, and luckily, he has gone for some looks similar to your hubby's. Great pics, the last shot is hysterical :)



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