Tuesday, December 11, 2012

tuesday threads [denim on denim on me]

Tuesday, December 11, 2012
[a nice quick one today, folks!]

i thought it was time for a little denim on denim action [you know you like it] and put this little look together. it's supposed to be what i call "running errands chic". thoughts? [although it's too late and i've already worn it. in public.]

 [pjk patterson j. kincaid jacket, h&m denim shirt, gap always skinny jeans]

 [don't mind the dog leash, or my face]

 [converse chuck taylor's, rebecca minkoff mini-mac]

[just awesome]

and check it out, i'm still fishtailing away!

p.s. joanna from all dressed up in love nominated me for a liebster [she's the sweetest, right? i think so!]. since i got a little liebster love in november from meg [of life: a true story] i just answered some of her questions on her blog. in the comment section. like a total slacker. but! you should go check them out. [because i said so]. and while you're at it, give joanna's gfc link a little click [you know you want to!]


  1. Love the chucks! I just picked up a pair of Coach style chucks, but I think I need a Converse pair too!

    Cute sweater on the dog <3


  2. yay thanks natalie!! I loved learning more about you, and thanks for participating even though you had already done one :) (And thanks for the shout out!)
    xoxo Joanna

  3. Natalie, you totally rock this look. I need to head over and read the facts about you a la Pronto Pronto :-D
    Chucks for life!



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