Friday, January 25, 2013

friday favs [make a statement]

Friday, January 25, 2013
i [long, pregnant pause] need your help.

i am incapable of wearing necklaces. [i think you can count two times on this blog i've worn one.

and i love necklaces. i have many [just ask hubby]! but i get this mind block when accessorizing end up taking whatever necklace i have on, off. it's terrible.

the few times in the past years i've worn a necklace, it was of the statement kind. you know, the big, edgy, bib-like, gorgeous piece of metal that dresses up your plain ole tee? 

right, well, that's all i can muster. kind of like this:

friday favs [make a statement]

[3.1 Phillip Lim raglan tee, proenza schouler jersey t shirt, rag & bone knit topchain jewelry, stella & dot necklace,  forever new chain necklace]

but i want to branch out. i want to be able to get and wear the beautiful delicate necklaces [think ariel gordon and jennifer zeuner] i see on my favorite bloggers/normal necklace-wearing people in general. [insert dramatic sigh here].

so, i need your help! how do you wear necklaces? with big earrings? and bracelets? is that too much? am i doomed to a necklace-less life? [i hope you're reading this with a higher pitched voice for each question a la stewie griffin.]


  1. Love the suggestions on what tops you could pair a bold necklace with. I especially love the first look!

    1. thanks laura! that first necklace is a stella dot one i'm a little obsessed with and may need to get soon!

  2. #2 is great pair . I wear necklace with long chains and a lot of bangles and bracelets . Soemtimes with rings <3 It looks fun to pair them ;)
    I'm you new follower :) Come to my blog sometimes.
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  3. My advice would be to pick up a few inexpensive, small & dainty necklaces to get your started. Some of my favorites are from forever21 and I wear them all the time! I feel if you want people to notice the necklace, go for small earrings to match :) xx



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