Friday, January 11, 2013

friday favs [to the max]

Friday, January 11, 2013
since discovering maxi skirts where right up my [in-between petite and normal size] alley this past summer, i was clearly bummed when winter rolled around and i couldn't wear them anymore... or so i thought.

lo and behold, the "winter maxi" trend appeared on my radar and i couldn't be happier! if i had carte blanche on how to style a winter maxi, i'd probably do something like this:

friday favs [to the max]

[zoe karssen printed shirt, topshop maxi skirtcotton tight, roberta furlanetto round heeled booties, dooney & bourke cross body bag, michael kors black/rose watch, pieces plastic bracelet, inverni pom beanie]

you're marveling at my ability to integrate pom-pom hats aren't you? [i know, it's a gift]. 

when putting this little board together, i realized that i have very similar pieces already in my closet [even if i don't yet own a zoe karssen sweater] and could literally wear this immediately! [eureka! jump for joy!

so keep an eye out next week for yours truly's take on the winter maxi trend. i'm sure it'll be to the max [and while we're at it]!


  1. Natalie, how adorable is that cross bag not only do I love that mustard colour ( one of my favs but that design is pretty awesome. I am not a big fan of maxi dresse, I am kinda short and feel weird in them but I cant wait to see you wearing them.

    Happy New Year 2013 and excited what you have in fashon store :-)

  2. Cute sweater!!! I like the way it's tic-tac-toe style. :)

    xo - Sheila

  3. Love the pom pom beanie and that watch! Great Friday Faves!


  4. How do you make those awesome graphics?

    1.! i felt like i was living under a [blogging] rock until i found about it, haha!


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