Monday, January 7, 2013

monday musings [coveting closets: rachel zoe]

Monday, January 7, 2013
whenever i'm reading my blogs, or pinning away on pinterest, or watching tv, or, you know, doing anything really, i always notice these women who have just these amazing clothes. clothes that every time i see them, i immediately think "oh man, i wish i could shop in her closet". so while i was laid up last week, i got to thinking about adding a little feature to the blog that i'd like to humbly dub "coveting closets". [you be the judge if you like it].

naturally, the first person that comes to mind when i think about shopping in someone else's closet is rachel zoe. not only is she an amazing stylist and has her own fashion label, but her own clothes make me get all green-eyed and greedy. [you bet your sweet butt i've watched all of 'the rachel zoe project' episodes on bravo]. she has that effortless hippy-chic mixed with cool chick style going on that i just can't get over.

so if i could shop rachel zoe's closet, i would choose:

1. this jacket [i mean, hello, it's just so mah-jor]:

Rachel Zoe and Roger Berman - Rachel Zoe on Robertson Boulevard

2. these jeans [and um bag too, because who doesn't want a birkin?]

3. this entire outfit [i think it's perfection]

4. this vest [i don't think i need to explain myself, right?]

in fact, the hubby and i dressed up like rachel zoe and her hubby rodger a few halloweens ago...'d we do?
               [isn't he a trooper?]

what do you think of rachel zoe's [because you can't just say rachel] style?


  1. Haha, I love the Halloween photo! I agree that Rachel has amazing style. I secretly feel like her when I wear my new faux fur vest :)

    The Tiny Heart

  2. I think Rachel Zoe is AMAZING. But your Halloween picture trumps it all! ;)

  3. haha I love rachel zoe's style! This is a great post! I love the last pic of you and hubby. So cute!! I don't think my hubs would do that. lol!

    xo - Sheila

  4. Hahahha - also agree on the burberry bomber, I searched sooo long to find a lower priced alternative!

  5. OMG your Halloween pic is hysterical :) I love #3, that outfit is perfection!



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