Wednesday, January 30, 2013

oh and one more thing [the best things]

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
i'm having a less-than-stellar day. 
for no apparent reason. 

when less-than-stellarness presents itself, 
i like to remind myself of the [very] best things in life.

[and obviously share them with you guys]:

[life is short/a little vino]
[smushy face/gordon's fisherdog]
[let's get crackin'/dental hygiene is important]
[my sister is the coolest/crotch naps are the best]
[summer remix/new boots]
[normal smiles/my favorite boys]
[i love oysters now/porsche i want vs. porsche i can afford]
[hey girl, fashion blogger/where's beau wilson?]

come find me on instagram [natalie_hodakfor more of the best things.

[and i hope YOU are having a stellar day]


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