Thursday, January 24, 2013

oh and one more thing [slip 'n' slide]

Thursday, January 24, 2013
there is nothing worse than going into your warrior two pose and ending up in an unintentional split because at some point during that hour 100+ degree practice, your yoga mat has turned into a [gen-you-wine] slip 'n' slide. i'm not saying this happened to me [because splits and me ain't friends] but i'm saying i've been pretty close a few times. 

but, during one of my lunchtime jaunts to target, i happened upon this awesome no-slip yoga mat! it's more like a towel that goes over your regular mat [if you prefer it cushy] or on top of the harder mats some yoga studios have out [like mine does]. the feel of the mat is a little grippy, so the slippage factor gets decreased to almost nil! [and i have it in 3 colors, naturally.]

with the slip 'n' slide threat eliminated, now all you have to do is keep your balance. but after all, isn't balance what you're there to gain? [namaste!]


  1. I have yet to try hot yoga, but think I'd love it as I love heat in general .. must get to a yoga studio!


    1. you'd totally love it! i swear by it :)

  2. Wonderful blog! Check out mine if you have time babe! :) xx


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