Thursday, January 10, 2013

thursday threads [color block]

Thursday, January 10, 2013
confession time, i didn't wear this outfit out. but wait, before you get all "what did you just say?" on me, let me explain. i had such an easy time walking around on these platform booties at sunday's baby shower, that i wanted to see how i could dress-down what i was wearing to create more of a running errands look [and prolong my long-leggedness]. 

i threw on this loft color-block sweater [which was sale + rewards cash = free] and ta-da! a look i could run to the grocery store in [and maybe be able to reach stuff on the top shelf!]

[loft color block sweater (old), gap always skinny jeans, h&m platform booties]

[i like this top, but those flesh colored sleeves may have been a bad choice. chicken wing alert!]

[ha, check out hubby's shadow on my sweater. classic]

i will actually wear this out. i [pinky] promise.


  1. I love color blocking and can't wait for summer!! I love this top:)
    Have a beautiful day
    Kisses from Milano

  2. Any outfit you have in your stash already put together & pre-photographed to ensure it's great works for me ;)


  3. Cute blog.
    Love the colors of that top.

    Robyn xo

  4. I love color blocking! Looks like it was a beautiful day as well!



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