Thursday, January 17, 2013

thursday threads [crazy pants]

Thursday, January 17, 2013
i'm starting to think i have a thing for crazy pants [seen here, and here]. so it's no surprise when i was walking through target the other day on my lunch break [because all lunch breaks should be spent at target, right?], i passed a display of normal looking work pants, but among them, these babies called to me. they said "natalie, look, we're cut like work pants but we're fun flowery patterns! you can totally get away with wearing us to work!". and i heard their call, and they went in my cart and were purchased. [great story, right?]

for this thursday threads, i wanted to show you how i'd wear these out to a nice dinner with the hubby: 
[h&m sweater (in stores), target pants (in stores), h&m leather heels last seen here (in stores)]

[frye clutch(old) - similar]

 [maybe a different bra next time? yeah, definitely]

 [h&m spikey hoops (in stores now)]

but believe it or not, i totally wore them to work with a black sweater and black suede platform booties [if you follow me on instagram (natalie_hodak) you may remember that ootd] and they looked awesome [and elicited quite a few "look at those pants!"]. can't say i'm not daring with my prints!

what do you guys think?


  1. SUPER cute pants! I'd totally wear those to work. Lovely outfit! :)

  2. Wait I love the pants. Also love that you spend your lunch breaks at Target. :)


  3. I totally love wearing printed pants to work too :) It's such a fun way to dress up boring work attire! Love the way you styled them!
    Everything but Ordinary

  4. I love these printed pants! I've shied away from trying the trend, but I have seen a bunch of nice options at Target, so maybe that would be a great way to try out the trend!

  5. Love the pants! Doesn't target have the cutest clothes?! Good outfit inspiration :)

  6. I love them (obviously :-) ) I think these b&w printed pants are going to be really versatile. It's awesome that Target has such cool printed pants!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  7. Absolutely LOVE those pants. Love how you paired them with neutrals so they would stand out.

  8. love the look from head to toe! i was cracking up reading your post because i swear i hear clothes talking to me too, convincing me that i must have them. lol


  9. great look! love the pants!


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