Tuesday, January 22, 2013

tuesday threads [i caved]

Tuesday, January 22, 2013
remember friday's droolage over the stuart weitzman 50/50 boots? yeah, i caved and bought them after writing that post [hey, polyvore made the case for me, i can carry them into spring! not to mention wear them the rest of winter]. 

it's always a hit or miss buying things online without trying them on, but you know what happened when that piperlime box showed up on friday night? the boots were perfection. [phew!] my review? other than being gorgeous, they're super comfy to walk in and because of the stretchy panel in the back, fit over my calves [and make them look teeny]. i immediately tried them on with my j.crew pixie pants [drooling a little at the combination] for our house hunting expedition/dinner date. and then again the next day for a little midday meet up with friends at a local bar to watch the flyers/penguins play. does the outfit look familiar?

 [stuart weitzman 50/50 boots in black napa leather]

 [kain label striped tee, j.crew pixie pants, h&m faux leather vest (old), the north face coat, coach leather penny purse]

so we get into the first house on our list and my [super stylish] realtor takes one look at me and goes "you got new boots", to which hubby says "what? when?" and i go "shhh. yes, yes i did".

i'm going to be wearing them a lot. [so i hope you all like black. leather. and over-the-knee as much as i do!]


  1. I LOVE your new boots - those are a big YES! BTW - the blogisphere always raves about the J.Crew Pixie Pant and I'm dying to know - are they more like a legging or a jegging? Where you still need to cover your butt with a long tee/sweater to make them look work appropriate? Or are they structured enough that you can tuck something into them?


    1. ok so i rave a smidge about the pixies in tomorrow's post [because it's kind of embarrassing how much i've been wearing them], but here's my review: go. get. them. immediately. they're more like jeggings but without looking stupid. they're not see-through, so no need to wear a longer shirt [and i've actually even worn them to work, shhh]. and they make my muscular thighs [i just wanted to say 'muscular thighs] look skinny-minny. my only suggestion is that if you're short like me [i'm 5'3], get the short length [only online]. the regular length bunches a lot at the ankles [and i just don't get things tailored, ever].

      i hope that long-winded answer[/love letter to the pixie pants] helped!

    2. It absolutely did. I'm holding off for the next "whatever % off our whole site" sale on J.Crew for a few staple items I've been wanting - those will definitely be next. :)

      And I'm 5'4" so thanks for the tip! Short girl power!

  2. Your boots are really gorgeous!!! I love otk but these are the top: and no need to say other...
    They make you very sexy, also if you didn't need them :-)


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